Digital image processing.

Weber Food Technology in Braunschweig, Germany.

The Weber site in Braunschweig also known as Brunswick, is located in north-central Germany, just north of the lower mountain region of the Harz. This plant is dedicated to digital image processing within the Weber Grouprepresents. The history of this production site goes back to 1987, when the engineering start-up "Ingenieurbüro Wente/Thiedig" was founded with a total of three employees. Initially, the company developed image processing solutions for a wide range of industries, such as automotive, dental technology, or civil engineering.

Digital image processing was still in its infancy stage in the 1980s, so each new projectbrought about new challenges. By using the latest technical developments in the field of optical measurement technology at that time, Wente/Thiedig was able to successfully problem. One of the first projects in the food processing industry was the development of an optical system for slicing products accurately by weight to minimize give-away - known today as optical scales (CCW 500). This innovation laid the foundation for Weber to becoming a customer in 1996.

Through the following years, the former start-up optimized numerous Weber machines with the help of optical measuring technology and increasinglyspecialised in applications within the food industry. In addition to optical scales, the volume body detection by scanners (weSCAN) represented a true breakthrough in digital image processing. Allowing for quality assessment of raw ham during grading or the position and orientation detection of shingled portions for picker and packaging applications still contribute significantly to the success of Weber today. 

"We are committed and passionate when it comes to our every day work to ensure that our optical measurement technology delivers value to our customers."

- Alexander Burk, General Manager & Director of the Braunschweig location

In 2015, Weber took a 51% stake in the company, which has since become a GmbH ("Ltd" limited liability company). Fast forward six years later, Weber took over the remaining 49% and became the sole shareholder. In 2020, Wente/Thiedig was fully integrated into the Weber group with the site remaining in Braunschweig.

Year after year, Weber Braunschweig produces various 3D scanning sensors based on the laser triangulation principle, about 250 camera sensors and corresponding lighting components, most of which are based on LED or laser technology. In addition, the location develops and produces a variety of electronic components, e.g. for the synchronization of the measuring technology, for integration into the system controls as well as for the evaluation, processing, and storage of measurement data. 

Approximately 35 employees work every day on making the machines and complete line solutions more efficient. In addition to engineers, mathematicians, and physicists, about one third of the team consists of software developers. Even the best measurement technology can only function optimally with correspondingly high-quality software - premium quality "Made in Germany". 


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