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Drone shot of the Weber Food Technology Headquarter in Breidenbach (Hessen, Germany)
The headquarters of Weber Group.

Weber Food Technology GmbH in Breidenbach (Germany).

On January 2, 1981, Günther Weber founded the company Weber Fleischereitechnik GmbH for the production of industrial food processing machinery in Breidenbach, Germany. To this day, the company remains in family ownership. The original facility at its home location in the German state of Hesse continues to serve as the corporate headquarters of the current global market leader Weber. For years and until international demand grew, Breidenbach was the sole Weber location. Currently, in addition to the headquarters in Breidenbach, there are five other Weber manufacturing locations in Neubrandenburg, Groß Nemerow, Wolfertschwenden, Werther, and Braunschweig.

Over 700 employees work at the headquarters in Breidenbach. In addition to manufacturing various line modules, the Breidenbach plant's core area is the complete integration of individual machines produced at the different German locations into complete production lines. Thanks to the “True Integration” concept, all components from product preparation to slicer and automation systems like pick robots or shuttle and buffer systems, all the way to the packaging machine, merge into one unit and provide highly automated line solutions. With an in-house manufacturing rate of 80%, almost all the necessary elements are made from stainless steel at the company’s own locations - that’s premium quality “Made in Germany”.

Tobias Weber and Günther Weber, CEO and founder of Weber Food Technology, at the German headquarters in Breidenbach.
"Real quality can only be guaranteed by those who produce as much as possible themselves and take it upon themselves to do so."
Günther Weber, Company Founder

Each year in Breidenbach, new intelligent complete line solutions are being developed and custom-built for a wide variety of customers from around the world. Whether cheese, deli meats, snacks and convenience, or plant-based products: Weber provides comprehensive solutions and production line concepts for industrial processors, medium-sized businesses, and the craft food sector. True to the motto “As Good as New”, Weber also offers used and refurbished machine components and even entire lines for second use. In a special facility in Breidenbach, a team is dedicated to work on used slicers and modules to ensure Weber customers can buy high-quality components second hand.

In addition to the production of complete lines and the refurbishment of used components, Weber primarily focuses on the development of new technology and automation solutions. At the so-called “Zukunftswerkstatt” (Future Innovation Center), innovative technologies are fine-tuned daily to ensure company growth and to continue to make life easier for Weber customers.

“We aim to inspire anew every day. Through our uncompromising quality, our pioneering innovations and our outstanding service. I am only happy when our customers are happy too.”
Tobias Weber, CEO

And innovation requires space: Over time, the original facility in Breidenbach has seen a number of structural additions. Currently, the site covers an area of 25,000 square meters total with further expansions planned for the future. A 14,500 m² site has been acquired to accommodate gradual production expansion, which will lead to an increase in manufacturing and assembly capacity in the coming years.