The blade factory.

Weber Food Technology in Groß Nemerow.

The blade is the heart of every slicer. From the slicing quality to the cutting performance up to the placement of the portion: the blade has a significant influence on the efficiency of the entire slicer. As the world market leader, Weber Food Technology knows what is important when it comes to slicer blades and in 2005, simply founded its own blade factory in Groß Nemerow in the middle of the Mecklenburg Lake District, not far from the Weber site in Neubrandenburg. This means that all Weber slicers are equipped with a specially manufactured blade, thus both components come from a single source and are perfectly matched to each other right from the start. 

About 60 employees work here in the areas of research & development, design and production. The high degree of automation in the factory halls of Groß Nemerow guarantees a unique precision during production of the blade and ensures a consistently high quality of the products - premium quality "Made in Germany".

"We deal with the latest automation technologies every day. It's precisely these technologies that make our workplace and our location so special - it's unique in our industry."

- Robin Wiedenhöft, cutting machine operator

The circular and involute blades are marketed under the brand Durablade®. The portfolio includes around about 400 involute blades and 100 circular blades. No matter what size, if uncoated or coated, with toothed or smooth blade edges - the right blade is available for every product and in doing so, ensures for perfect slicing quality with maximum hygiene and durability.

In addition to the production of new blades, used circular and involute blades are also professionally reconditioned. Therefore year after year, approx. 10,000 newly manufactured and 3,500 reconditioned slicer blades are exported all over the world from the Mecklenburg halls. 


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