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As Good as New – Upgrade of Weber Production Lines

"Weber is committed to providing state-of-the-art technology in every product from the newest slicer to skinners and derinders. That kind of quality can also be found in refurbished equipment that has been updated to the Weber standard of hygiene and efficiency. Working in conjunction with the latest Weber software, a refurbished line is a real alternative for purchase. Our applications experts are available to discuss the best solutions for your company.

Please ask Weber for …

A refurbished line or single modules

Weber’s refurbished lines meet the same high quality standards in efficiency and reliability as our new machines. A refurbished line is tailored to fit your company’s slicing and processing needs and many lines do not require additional space so your company sustains a small footprint while producing quality product and a high yield.

Identical after-sales support as at new machinery is standard for our second hand components, as well as a six-month warranty.

If you need a sell-off your refurbished line or module after a performance-enhancing upgrade by our upgrade team

Benefit from our fair and reasonable prices.

If you want to sell-off your used Weber line or module.

We will meet with you to evaluate your machine or module to submit a fair offer.

If you want to replace your used Weber line with a new one.

We are able to provide you with attractive conditions in case of trade or purchase of lines and components.

We are looking forward to receiving your request – please use the contact sheet or send an Email to used-components(at)"