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Automated high performance

With an extremely wide cutting throat and a speed of up to 2000 slices per minute, it is the most powerful slicer of its class. No slicer can match this: slicing six logs of caliber 100 mm or four cooked hams of caliber 135 mm simultaneously. It can also slice four cheese logs of 100 mm width and 150 mm height with optimal results and exact portion weights. The unique four track check-weigher controls the weight of every single portion. In combination with the Weber Food Robot WFR, the portions are hygienically and automatically loaded through a small footprint, into the packaging machine. Fully automatic: the high capacity slicer is loaded automatically loaded with sausage, cheese or ham products up to 3200 mm or endless lengths. Logs as well as sensitive products or such with difficult shapes are fed automatically side by side or with separation. Short loading times and 2000 cuts per minute make the new 905 the most productive slicer of its class. Maximum output: Among other advantages, the movable idle cut head assists in maintaining high yield and minimum give-away with blade head housing and shear bar are also adjustable. This is how the Weber slicer 905 continuously cuts perfect slices without wedges, tear offs or feathering, even if the blade is in intensive operation. Also, the product temperature may vary within a higher range than usual. Comfortable and safe handling: Without screws, doors can be opened easily. Safety is secured by the pneumatic locking and the operator controls all slicing functions via an ergonomically designed touch screen. Food safety: stainless steel design, hygienically sealed body and improved product transport add to the hygienical aspect. Belts are easy to change and the machine is prepared for cleaning in minimal time. The Weber Slicer 905 delivers exceptional economy when combined with Weber's log-lift loader, scanner, portion control system as well as their optical and hygienic checkweigher. A great variety of presentation styles is provided, for example by the portion designer, stacking unit or slice folding system. In line with Weber Food or Pick Robot, multi-overlapping and multi-layer packs are created within a minimum floor space.