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Capture new Markets with Textor

Thanks to its almost perfect infrastructure, Wolfertschwenden provides ideal conditions for our recently founded enterprise. In the industrial park we are currently erecting buildings for the new premises. In the meantime Textor is operating from rented premises in Biessenhofen, Easter Allgau, until the new location is ready for occupancy. Our textual orientation is quite clear: "Our focus is undoubtedly set on the customer’s benefit“, declares Günther Weber, founder of the new company. "Oriented towards the market requirements of our customers worldwide, we will set new benchmarks".

"With our brand, we first and foremost want to target new market segments", underlines Mathias Dülfer, managing director at Weber Maschinenbau. In order to breathe life into the new brand, the project must be driven forth with ambition and spirit. "It is very gratifying that we already hired qualified experts to join the Textor team", says Mathias Dülfer. "With these experts we will provide the market with a technological and economical alternative". Consequently, the best preconditions are given to secure the success of Textor and to bestow more growth to the whole Weber family.