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Employees celebrate anniversaries at Weber Maschinenbau

Be it at work or at home: it is that time of the year to look back at the 12 months that have passed and to review all kinds of events and experiences. Same here at Weber Maschinenbau where every Christmas season it has been a long-standing tradition to thank employees that have been with the company for many years for their loyalty and dedication. Associates and directors of this family-run business therefore invited 25 honorees to Aue Event Center in Biedenkopf in order to thank and reward them for 25 and 10 years, respectively, as team members at Weber.

Ever since its inception in 1981, Weber Maschinenbau has been a dynamo – driving forward many new developments from starting out as a small company to today’s status as a global leader in its fields of enterprise. In his opening remarks, managing partner Tobias Weber laid out how instrumental these honorees have been over the years in making Weber Maschinenbau as successful as it is today. „Ten or even 25 years – that’s a period of time in which a lot can be moved forward. And you have done just that. In all your different fields of expertise, you have been with this company for a long time and you have contributed greatly by making all kinds of lasting developments possible. It is for these contributions that we want to thank you and congratulate you.” The company’s founder Günther Weber sounded a similar tune of appreciation: „Honoring those who have been giving their energy and creativity to this company is a wonderful occasion to celebrate and to tell our employees how much their individual efforts mean to us all.” 

Tobias Weber and managing director Hartmut Blöcher were on hand to award the honorees with certificates and presents, not forgetting what has become an annual highlight: Hartmut Blöcher who himself has been with the company for three decades knew to tell witty little anecdotes about every one of the 25-year employees, bringing big smiles to everyone’s faces.

With approximately 600 staff at its Breidenbach headquarters, Weber is one of the largest employers throughout the entire region. The company is also the world market leader in the area of high-performance slicing solutions for sausage, ham and cheese. Out of the 25 honorees this day, nine have already been working at Weber for 25 years, 16 of them have been on board since 2008. Receiving their awards for a 10-year tenure were: Julián García Martínez, Fred Lüttecke, Moritz Henkel, Reiner Richter, Sven Wunderlich, Isabella Feuring, Claudia Hormel, Christian Hartmann, Dennis Gerlach, Jan Heumann, Simon Bandel, Florian Reitz, Frauke Kathrin Kaspari, Benjamin Hehtke, Martina Weigel and Friedrich Prieb. A quarter-century could be celebrated by: Dietmar Leinweber, Alexander Burk, Gloria Stremel, Christoph Eckhardt, Nils David Biffart, Gisela Ochlich, Wilhelm Homrighausen, Christian Strackbein and Ralph Schreiner.