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High Tech Innovations: Weber at IFFA 2010

From 8th till 13th May Weber Maschinenbau presented high tech innovations for the handling of different meat and sausage products in hall 8. The highlights at a glance: Slicer 905 The Slicer 905 sets standards: This machine is able to slice nearly every type of cheese, sausage and ham with high cutting speed and precision. It is featured with a slicing throat which has a width of 620 mm and a height of 225 mm. The 905 achieves a maximum blade speed of 2,000 cuts per minute. Therewith this machine is the ideal solution for customers who want to achieve maximum output. The machine can slice six products of calibre 100 at the same time. Alternatively it is possible to slice four blocks of cheese and lay them down exactly in the right portion’s form. At IFFA the 905 was shown in combination with the quadruple picker which is the highest-output-model of the Weber Pick Robot (WPR). Since the number of pickers determines the performance of the whole slicing line it is ideally suited for use together with the high throughput Slicer 905. The WPR controls the handling of portions precisely and automatically with an integrated camera system which captures the position of each portion and if necessary, turns it to a user defined angle to align it with the package. The WPR will also reject off-weight portions for manual correction so only on-weight portions are automatically placed in the package. Slicer 804 The WEBER Slicer 804 has a compact design and features the latest technology. As a result, it is exceedingly efficient and represents the link between high flexibility and high performance in the family of WEBER slicers. The Slicer 804 has automatic central loading, meaning that even heavy or bulky products can be loaded effortlessly by automatic means into the correct position. With a maximum slicing speed of up to 1500 slices per minute, the 804 can meet even the most exacting performance expectations. This is based on the involute blade slicing system with its idle cut technology, which can slice portions exactly with thicknesses between 0.1 and 50 mm and in a very wide range of presentation forms. In most applications, there is no longer any need to freeze the products in advance. CCS 702 Bacon Slicer The CCS 702 Bacon Slicer has been designed for the special requirements of the bacon market. Equipped with the WEBER involute blade and the idle cut technology, it achieves slicing outputs of up to 2,000 slices per minute with slice thicknesses from 0.1 to 50 mm. The precision in the slicing system is achieved by using a technology that is unique in this market segment, in which the distance between the blade and shear bar is permanently monitored and automatically adjusted. This technology, combined with an optic weigher, makes it possible to achieve unparalleled output and yield values. The WEBER CCS 702 Bacon Slicer operates entirely without product grippers, thus making performance-reducing factors such as loading pauses a thing of the past. The Slicer is continuously loaded from the back with one bacon joint after another. The slicing throat has dimensions of 300 to 380 x 100 mm, allowing even large unsliced items to be processed effortlessly. The portioning device has been configured so that total control over the position and orientation of the sliced goods is possible during their transport. The slices can be arranged in an extremely varied range of presentation forms. Small transitions on the conveyor systems guarantee that the sliced portions will be transported without slipping even over long distances and with frozen products. The 702 requires small footprint: Because of that it is very suitable to be used as a replacement for older slicing systems without the need for replacements at the customer’s hall. ASX 460 With the ASX 460, Weber Maschinenbau has developed a hugely productive and versatile skinner with many talents. Various steps can be carried out without requiring conversions. The special feature is that the ASX 460 can be used both for derinding and for fat trimming - and this with only one work step. The integrated camera system in the ASX 460 guarantees that the fat thickness can be measured without contact, thereby allowing automatic classification of the product. The blades are operated based on this classification. The classes can be defined according to customer-specific requirements. Another plus point of the Skinner ASX 460: it achieves a maximum level of automation. Three conveyors ensure that meat, fat and rinds are cleanly separated and positioned. The Skinner ASX 460 trims fat off products at infinitely variable settings, and is servo-controlled to achieve thicknesses from 0 – 20 mm, whilst it can derind with a thickness from 0 – 4 mm. Its compact design means that the ASX 460 can be incorporated even where space is at a premium. It also can be integrated into existing production lines.