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Hygienic and safe: Weber Log Peeler CCP.

Speed, compliance with hygiene regulations and precision must be ensured equally in food production. Weber meets these requirements, even for fully-automated removal of lunch meat and cheese product casings. The Weber peeler allows exact and especially hygienic peeling with the customary high precision.

Hygiene: Weber's peeler ensures clear distinction between gray zones and hygienic zones – The casing stays in the gray zone and the peeled product remains safe.  Continuous production: Buffering before peeling ensures a continuous production flow. An optional buffer can also be connected after the peeling process. Safety: The integrated control sensors monitors the peeling process and ensures that only perfectly peeled products are processed further automatically. Flexibility: Rapid conversion and calibre change. Saving: Reduced personnel expenditure Technical data:
Product length (mm): 1600 to 3200
Performance:  Approx. 12–15 sec. per peeling process depending on the product length