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New family member: Opening of WEBER CZ

Elif Akarca and Thorsten Arnold are two young people who finished their degrees at Weber Maschinenbau and who are some of the most successful participants of the examinations 2009/2010. The Chamber of commerce honoured them at city hall in Dillenburg on 11th November 2010. After three years, Elif Akarca finished her education as an industrial business management assistant at Weber Maschinenbau with excellence. She is now studying Business Economics at the University of Applied Sciences Gießen-Friedberg but she will remain a part of Weber Maschinenbau: As a working student in the personnel department she supervises the trainees and the dual scholars. Thorsten Arnold has received his certificate in electrical engineering with focus on industrial engineering at Weber Maschinenbau. This education normally takes 3.5 years but Thorsten Arnold passed his examination after only three years with an excellent result. He now covers the dual course of study Electrical Engineering at the Siegen University. He will accomplish the practical section of his study at the software department of Weber Maschinenbau. There have been given two awards to trainees of Weber Maschinenbau by the Chamber of commerce so far: Carsten Pfeiffer and Florian Reitz have finished their education as energy electronics and system engineers with excellent results. After finishing his study of Electrical Engineering with focus on automation, Carsten Pfeiffer now works at the software development department of Weber Maschinenbau. Florian Reitz has also decided to study Electrical Engineering with focus on automation. Human resource development is one of the most important issues of Weber Maschinenbau. The company wants to support young employees right from the start and enable them to tap their full potential. To achieve this aim, Weber identifies outstanding accomplishments at an early stage and supports sustainability and continuity.