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New Interleaver for compact Machines

Customers intending to separate cheese slices or wafer-thin ham slices by paper or film depend on a neat and accurate Interleaver solution. However, the use of such a system often entails that the Slicer cannot run at full speed. The Interleaver CCI Weber just reworked for use in combination with the new Slicer 404 completely excludes the disadavantages known from comparable systems.

Even with sheet lengths of 110 mm the slicing system can run at its full performance of 600 cuts per minute, whereas formerly, even at reduced speed, only considerably shorter sheet lengths were possible. The new, fast CCI model can be equipped with paper or film rolls of a maximum diameter of 400 mm instead of previously 320 mm. Further characteristics distinguishing this new system are the servo motor driven rollers and the ultrasonic sensor for identification of the paper or film roll diameter. Moreover, the paper and film guide in the slicing bar have been adjusted to the higher running speeds. The so called paper splitting represents an additional option which allows for interleaving two parallel shingled or stacked portions from a single Interleaver roll.