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New: Weber Compact Loader

The fully automated infeeding provided by the Compact-Loader eliminates human contact with sliced and portioned products during processing, effectively blocking one source of possible contamination. Innovative design features also contribute to hygienic operation and shorten the time required for thorough sanitation of Weber’s new Compact-Loader. Important components of the infeeder are structured to comfortably move backwards, out of the way, for easy and optimal cleaning of the packaging machine tools and the complete line. When combined with a Weber slicer, the new Compact-Loader is conveniently controlled through the slicer’s touch screen, resulting in operator ease and greater throughput. The small footprint of the combined system saves valuable production space. The modular design of Weber’s new Compact Loader is both hygienic and extendable. It can be configured to precisely fit user needs and it is an economic alternative to complex and high-price infeeding systems. Available options include a line divider, up to four grouping conveyors and four buffer conveyors. Highest quality materials and rugged construction assure a long, trouble-free life.