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Successful finish to the Tour de Slicer

There, the last stage of the Tour de Slicer ended with a triumphant welcome for the eleven cyclists, seven of whom are Weber employees. Many members of staff and local politicians and business people had previously officially opened the new plant of Textor Maschinenbau, a company founded by the Weber group in 2011, earlier on the same day. Team spirit unites Weber group locations The Tour de Slicer, named after the high-performance cutting machines made by Weber and Textor for the food processing industry, which are called slicers, was all about team spirit: all cyclists rode together from the start and also completed the individual stages. The management of Weber group was also impressed, and is therefore supporting a social project at each location with a donation of 1500 Euros each: the youth club Toni e.V. in Neubrandenburg, the Association of Friends of Perftal secondary school in Breidenbach and the A7 youth orchestra in Wolfertschwenden. Karl Fleschhut, Mayor of the Wolfertschwenden municipality, spontaneously decided to add another 500 Euros to Weber's donation there. Months of preparation for an ambitious goal The four-day Tour de Slicer took the riders from Weber Maschinenbau's plant in Neubrandenburg, where they started early on Thursday morning,  to Wernigerode in the Harz region, and from there they reached the destination of the second stage, the Weber location in Breidenbach, on Friday evening. From Schwäbisch Hall, the last stage took the riders to Wolfertschwenden on Sunday. For months, the cyclist, all of whom are amateur athletes, prepared for the demanding daily stages of 250 kilometres on average, with elevations of 8000 metres to be climbed. Their total training distance was roughly 3500 kilometres.