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Trainees present their Weber masterpiece in Breidenbach

As early as 2009, trainees from the Breidenbach location successfully completed a project. Besides the technical challenges, the main problem was to work profitably from a commercial point of view. The extremely positive experience, which the trainees, supervisors and the management gained from the project, the decision to run the trainee project again was not hard. The 'Planning and construction of a slicer training model' project was developed with the 'Weber Campus' training department.

It took almost two years to implement the project fully. The result was a unique replica of an automation system for training purposes. The model integrates all common Weber slicer assemblies. The project was a learning event with added value for the trainees. Active integration of trainees from both the commercial and technical areas gave young people a good overview for the actual processes in a company like Weber. What is technically feasible? How long does assembly take? Which materials should you use and how can you manage time, material and work input so that you stay in budget? The trainees solved all of these problems themselves.

All in attendance at the presentation in Breidenbach agreed: The 'Weber masterpiece,' as the trainees called it themselves, paraphrasing Goethe, is an impressive symbol of an up-and-coming generation of motivated specialists for medium-sized mechanical engineering companies.