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Variety and flexibility – for more success in taste

It automatically combines several varieties of different products into one package. The modular system combines multiple slicers via a belt system and offers different infeeding methods. Weber's Variety Pack System not only meets the highest hygienic standards, it is also perfectly adaptable to the spatial constraints of each individual food manufacturer.

Guaranteed hygiene despite wide variety

In the past, customers typically bought larger packages of a single product. Today, smaller packages offering greater variety are becoming increasingly popular among consumers. Multi-variety packaging offers many advantages for food manufacturers and processors as well, allowing them to clearly differentiate themselves from the competition by offering a virtually unrivalled, unique combination of products. Packaging multiple types of products together presents serious challenges to hygiene. The Weber Variety Pack System offers a solution, with small portions of different products combined into one package fully automatically with no human contact – variety truly is the spice of life.

Modular design for maximum customisation

The main advantage of the Variety Pack System lies in the customer's ability to tailor the system to meet its specific needs. By combining individual modules, a custom production line can be assembled, allowing, for example, existing slicers to be incorporated into the system. Moreover, its output is scalable and the system can be tied to a variety of different packaging machines, such as tray sealers or thermo forming machines.

Commercial success through high performance

The new Weber Variety Pack System helps multi-variety packing to become a commercial success. In the past, high production costs and low output steered many manufacturers away from multi-variety packaging. However, the Weber line not only lowers production costs and increases yield significantly, it also supports to continuously improve hygiene and keeps products fresh, thus increasing customers' margins and profits.