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CO2-neutral production is of utmost priority

Weber Maschinenbau launches additional activities for more sustainability and climate protection

It's not just the big things that count – small actions also make a difference. Weber Maschinenbau acts according to this credo. Sustainability, the frugal use of resources and climate protection have already been firmly embedded in the successful global company's daily operations for years – both in terms of development and production of the high-end technology and the daily working life of all employees. From the use of photovoltaic systems and optimized consumption to waste separation and energy savings. As a modern and green-thinking family-owned company, Tobias Weber, CEO, as well as Günther Weber, company founder, are particularly keen to make a contribution and become "greener".

The company has therefore made it its clear mission to create a CO2-neutral production. The acquisition of two electric transporters is another important step toward this goal. With a 100 km range, they are ideal for transport operations in and around the Weber plant. The company has pooled all of its activities for increased sustainability and climate protection under the heading we GO GREEN. The logo of this initiative also adorns the new electric transporters and, in an ideal scenario, motivates other companies and persons to give this important topic more thought and increased priority. Following the motto: leading by example.