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Weber develops innovative blade holder system for Skinner

Handling a blade holder is now simpler, swifter and safer than ever before: with the new SmartLock®, Weber Machinenbau has developed and patented a new quick-release lock for blade holders for Weber Skinners. Different to classic blade holders, the innovative system opens easily over an extremely stable stainless steel bracket. The excellent accessibility makes it straightforward to thoroughly clean, fulfilling the highest hygiene standards. Changing the blade can be done easily, without the need for tools or service personnel, and can even be done in a matter of seconds. Thanks to Weber SmartLock®, removing the blade holder is no longer necessary when cleaning or changing the blade: this is simply folded over and brought into the cleaning and rest position. Through the particularly easy handling, inappropriate operation and accidental damage are avoided, not only resulting in minimised servicing costs but also ensuring the highest safety measures for operators and cleaning personnel.