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Weber Maschinenbau honors apprentices and students

All fifteen graduates are now allowed to start their careers at Weber as permanent employees. However, some of them opted for further education in the form of a dual Bachelor's or Master's program – at Weber, of course. Personal and professional further education as well as development have always been a high priority in the family business at Weber and are actively promoted to all of its employees. "The knowledge and drive of these young people are extremely important for our company. With the skills they have acquired during their training, they bring fresh ideas into their field of work. These young talents are our future," emphasizes Hartmut Blöcher. The good grades and the fact that a total of six of the trainees have completed their training with top results even at an early examination speaks in favor of Weber's high-quality training program. As a personal gift the graduates of the 32nd class of apprenticeship received a mobile phone holder with an engraved name and examination date manufactured by Weber. Weber Maschinenbau currently offers apprenticeships in eight different professions and five dual study courses.