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Blade Expertise

Even the best slicer only achieves perfect slicing results if you use a suitable blade. As a global market leader, we have many years of experience and know the significance of the blades for the slicing process. That is why we develop and manufacture our Durable circular and involute blades ourselves. Depending on the production requirements, these are coated, uncoated, with or without teeth. Naturally we also have the matching sharpening equipment for each solution, which convince with their short setup times and careful processing of the blade. On request, we can even integrate a complete sharpening center into your line that, thanks to the clever technology, you can use to sharpen all Weber blade precisely and highly-efficiently.

High quality. Impressive results.

Weber Durablade.

  • Involute and circular blades made from rust-proof stainless steel
  • Perfect slicing quality for every product 
  • Great blade quality at an attractive price
  • Maximum hygiene, reliability, and durability of the blades 
weSHARP 7000

Get the most out of your slicer blades! With the weSHARP 7000 sharpening center, you can quickly and easily get the ideal cutting properties of your blades, even after intensive use in the slicer. The weSHARP 7000…

Sharpening Device KSG 470

The KSG sharpening device processes the blades gently with short setup times thanks to its intelligent sharpening technology. The sharpening unit is positioned via a sighting tool. The KSG sharpening device…

Sharpening Device SSG

The SSG sharpening device is suitable for gentle processing of all Durablade® involute blades with low material abrasion. The compact unit for various sharpening angles ensures constant sharpening of the cutting…


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