weDIVIDE 7000

weDIVIDE 7000
Product details
  • Divides cheese blocks and cheese wheels
  • Horizontal and vertical division possible
  • Knife or wire division available
  • Weight-dependent, individual placement of the divided bars for transfer to downstream units, e.g. weSCAN 7000, via jointed-arm robot

Weber weDIVIDE: optimum cheese preparation for maximum yield.

The Weber cheese block divider weDIVIDE 7000 is the perfect start for a high volume and highly automated line. Whether fully integrated or as a stand-alone option, the weDIVIDE divides and prepares cheese blocks and cheese wheels for further processing to achieve the highest yield possible - while reducing personnel. For products that do not need to be divided, the weDIVIDE offers a pass-through function.

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  • Can be set up in line or with left or right line balancing
  • Weight-controlled grouping of the divided cheese bars to reduce empty spaces/empty packs in the downstream process
  • Cutting frame can be moved vertically and horizontally for precise height and center division
  • Coded cutting frames and stamps to avoid crashes
  • Integrated placement positions for accessories such as cutting frames and stamps
  • Side trimming possible
  • Wire break monitoring to increase operational reliability
  • With integrated manual loading no additional components are needed 
  • Tool-free changeover to a variety of division ratios
  • Tool-free cleaning preparation
  • Seamless integration into Weber line control with Weber OneControl

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