Product details
  • More sustainability and product protection, less plastic
  • Improved forming of paper-based film
  • Higher packaging stability

Weber PaperTech technology: paper-based underfilm for more stable and deeper packaging.

In an effort to reduce the use of plastic, fiber-based films using renewable raw materials are gaining ground worldwide. One look at the cooler isle of supermarkets reveals that food products such as sliced meats and cheeses are increasingly packaged in composite materials based on paper with a thin PE film. The optimal and profitable production of such packages however, is a challenge for most thermoforming packaging machines. Weber's PaperTech technology alleviates these issues. The main advantage of PaperTech process is that paper-based bottom films can be formed much easier and deeper into packaging. The obvious benefits for food producers and retailers are that the packaging can hold more product and is more shelf-stable.

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  • Sustainable and profitable processing solution for fiber-based food packaging
  • Paper fibers are easier to shape and achieve higher stability after cooling.
  • Retrofitting of Weber wePACK packaging machines is easy and possible without requiring additional space

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