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Investment in Werther's young talents

The family business has always been very concerned about the promotion of young talents - so it was decided in advance of the event to donate the proceeds to the local kindergartens. Tobias Weber, CEO of Weber Maschinenbau, increased the amount raised, so that around 400 € each could be given to the eight Werther facilities. The management of the day-care centers accepted the donation at an official handover from Dirk Borrmann, Head of Assembly, and Jürgen Börs, Head of Toolmaking at the Weber plant. They were very pleased to be able to support the daycare centres. "Investing in young people has always been very important to us at Weber. With our donation we would like to participate in the early development and education of the children", says Jürgen Börs.

The children of the eight facilities have already found a use for the donation. "Our children have asked for new tools for the forest. They are especially happy about files, hammers and carving knives," says Cornelia Schmidt, head of the Waldkindergarten Waldkauz. They quickly found a use for them in the other facilities as well. For example, the children at the "Bunter Sandkasten" daycare center would like a music system for their gym. "Our Kindergarten should become greener", says Jasmin Kokaj, head of the Johannis Kindergarten, "so we decided together with the children to use the donation to plant our outdoor area". The plans for the "Im Viertel" day-care centre are not yet concrete. The children's parliament wants to propose ideas for their use in a meeting and make a decision quite democratically.