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Looking forward to Cheese Innovation Days 2017

What they may expect is a program filled with wide-ranging issues and pioneering developments that both our own in-house professionals and a group of first-rate exhibition partners have prepared. We are extremely pleased with the amazing advance-feedback we have already received for this offering, and so we’d like to wish everyone who is coming to join us a really good time rich in exciting discoveries, valuable inspiration and fruitful dialogue.

We will happily and vividly share with our guests from near and far our vision of offering optimally customized system solutions with Weber as their one-stop shop for maximum efficiency. From slicing to packaging, always with the promise of product presentations with great point-of-sales appeal and with an extended shelf life at the highest level of precision, hygiene and profitability.

That’s what Weber stands for and that’s why we have invited the participants of our „Cheese Innovation Days“ in order for us to exchange ideas and to look ahead into the future. Let’s enjoy three great days at Weber!