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Students get to know the secret behind perfectly portioned cold-cuts

With the world market leader for high performance slicing systems the pupils got an idea of the daily routines reigning in an international industrial company. The company tour was guided by Weber's commercial apprentices.

For the seventh graders of MPS Breidenbach the visit is marking the start of the job orientation phase at their school. 'We like to sensitize our students already at this stage of school formation for their later job decision', explains Ute Schneider, the school’s job orientation coordinator. During the Weber factory tour, the Weber apprentices took over the role of the tutors. The young women and men had the opportunity to pass on their know-how and experience acquired during the last years. With a well-balanced program between theory and praxis the apprentices presented the possibilities pupils may have after passing the O- or A-level.

The practical part of the tour really impressed the Breidenbach students: the presentation of a Weber slicer in action caused quite a stir, leaving the students with wide-eyed and enthusiastic. By short side trips from the assembly to the purchasing department, the students got to know the different job profiles required to run an industrial company. This kind of apprentice-sponsorship between Weber and the MPS proved of value over the years. 'My wish is that we will be able to continue this efficient relationship still for many years', Ute Schneider says.