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Visitors from around the world at Weber in Groß Nemerow

Under the motto "The World is our Guest," an intensive programme awaited the participants, some of whom had travelled far, including guests from Japan, Dubai, Costa Rica and Argentina. They were welcomed by company owner Günther Weber as well as Josef Zerle, Head of Sales and Markus Frick.

In a workshop headed by location manager Markus Frick, the participants learned a lot of interesting facts about the robust properties and high profitability of Weber stainless steel blades. They are produced in Weber's Groß Nemerow blade factory and marketed under the name Durablade®. The blade are then used in the Weber slicers, to cut lunch meat, meat, cheese and other foods. "We at Weber believe  comprehensive product knowledge is very important for all Weber sales representatives. Regular training courses refresh technical knowledge and teach staff what they need to know to convince buyers with technical arguments in a tough market," is how Markus Frick describes the purpose of the event.

At the Groß Nemerow location, education and continuing professional development of specialised employees, who perform all production steps under one roof here, is the priority – those employees can now operate the automated production equipment including robot control introduced in the last two years, for example. Beyond the design and manufacturing, the Weber location in Groß Nemerow also has a test laboratory for quality assurance via complete quality control and its own research and development department.